It’s Wear Your Pajamas at Work Day!

This is undoubtedly one of the wackiest holidays in the world. It is something that begun as a joke but has now gone mainstream. Since it is a holiday, some people may choose not to attend work at all. Alternatively, one can attend an after work party where they can relax with their friends. However, this is not advisable if one has to be at work early the next day.

How It Began

Filing tax returns in the US is quite stressful. A lengthy process has dire consequences for those who default. One could face jail time for falsifying information on these documents. As a result, the person doing this has to be very careful. Otherwise, the I.R.S. moves in and takes what is theirs. Besides that, a business could end up paying more than it should when filing tax returns.

The result is that most people are usually in a daze after handling all that complex paperwork. The reason for this is that most people prefer to push things to the last minute. This means they will only do all the paperwork just before the deadline. It is not possible to extend this deadline, thus the stress.

The holiday of wearing pajamas to work was invented as a way to keep people’s minds at ease. It helps people to unwind from all the stress of life. In addition, it allows one time to contemplate if their finances are in order after they file all their tax returns. Generally, it is a gloomy day in the United States, which sees low worker output. The event is an attempt to liven people up.

What to Wear

Just because the event means wearing pajamas does not mean one should look shabby. For men, it would be a good idea to pair a pajama top with a good pair of jeans trousers. Ladies should also not be outdone. It would be preferable if they wore a silky top matched with something nice below. There are some great Pajamas at Snugglenado.

It is important that one avoid wearing their old T-shirt to work on pajamas day. One should remember that the reputation among fellow employees is quite important. As a result, one should avoid doing things that could bring them into disrepute. Another thing to avoid is discolored pajamas that just look out of place at the office. Any clothing that has missing buttons or has tears should stay away from the office.

Of significance is that this is not a mandatory event. One can choose to attend or not to. That means one can continue to dress as they always do at the office. There is no specific law mandating that one wear their pajamas to work. In addition, if the event falls on a Monday as it will this year, one should avoid being too casual.

This year, 2016, the event will take place on the April of 18. Anyone who chooses to participate should share these images with the world. That way it will continue to catch on. It may be wacky but it is a lot of fun.

The Cheap Laptop That Runs Off of Solar Electricity

People in the Western world such as the US take things such a reliable electricity supply for granted. However, this can be a real problem in some corners of the world. In all parts of the world, however, especially in the United States, solar power is becoming more and more mainstream. You can now purchase home solar panels and portable rv solar panels just about anywhere (like, and more solar powered products are coming out on a weekly basis.

To cater to a very unique group of tech people, WeWi Telecommunications Inc. came up with the SOL. It is laptop powered primarily by the sun. The laptop runs on the Ubuntu Linux-derived operating system. The laptop does not need to be plugged into a socket for it to work. Instead, it comes with a removable solar panel, which can charge the battery to full capacity in just two hours. After that, it can power the laptop for up to ten hours.

Solar powered laptops have been around for a while now. However, this is the first time that one is promising to be energy efficient. WeWi claims the laptop will never require being plugged into a socket. However, they offer the option in case you need to use it at night. The solar panel can be connected via an extension cable. This means you can leave it outside and still power up your laptop inside the house.

However, this laptop does more than simply use a cheap source of power. It also helps prevent global warming by reducing the emission of Co2 into the atmosphere. The creators estimate users of this laptop could reduce their carbon footprint by a ton. This would be if they never plugged it into a socket over its lifetime.

Solar Powered Laptop Specs

The laptop is built for those who like to travel and for those in far-flung corners of the world. It comes with a 320GB HDD, an Intel Atom D2500 1.8GHz Duo Core processor. In addition, it features the Intel 945GSE chipset. The laptop also features 2-4 GB of DDRIIISDRAM. This will depend entirely on the buyer’s choice. The laptop is optimized for use with Ubuntu. However, the user can install any other type of OS if they so wish.

The laptop also features the GMA3600 graphics card. In addition, it has a 13.3-inch LCD screen. The designers chose this screen because it will not drain power from the battery too fast. The laptop also comes with a 3MP webcam and a mic built internally. The laptop has ports for USB 2.0 devices, HDMI, headphones and others. The device has a number of wireless connection options. For instance, it has options for LTE/3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. People who live in remote places have the option to add a module for satellite communication.

When Will It Hit the Shelves: The Release Date

The company has not given a specific date for when they will release the laptop to the market. The company also plans to release a waterproof option named SOL Marine. They are determined to make it the most accessible solar powered laptop. As a result, they will be distributing the SOL Marine at $400 and SOL at only $350. The company also offers their laptops in a variety of colors. For instance, they will be available in red, gray, black and a bright green.

Extruder Upgrade Now Offered by Ultimaker for it’s Line of 3d Printers

New Ultimaker Extrusion Upgrade Kit

The latest extruder upgrades by Ulitmaker were made possible through collaboration with members of the developers’ community. However, the company wanted to ensure that people did not have to purchase a new machine in order to access this latest upgrades. As a result, the upgrades were built in a way that they can be purchased separately. Afterwards, they can be installed on the Ultimaker 2 Extended and Ultimaker 2 machines. This will save buyers money and win more loyalty from the customers.

The New Extruder

The Utimaker2 and Ultimaker2 Extended machines have always had many fans. However, its main issue has always been the extruder. The company asked around the community and finally worked on the upgraded version. The main issue with the extruder in Ultimaker2 has always been jamming and does not work well unless under certain conditions. The company knew they would have to make a total overhaul.

Ultimaker 2 Extended 3d printer

A feature that will now be standard with this extruder is the replaceable nozzle. In addition to that, it will come with the Olsson block, which the company introduced a while back. Thus, customers will be able to choose if they want faster prints or fine prints at a slower pace.

A common problem why prints collapse midway in Ultimaker2 is that the extruder is unable to push out the filament. The extruder will now be geared on the Ultimaker2+ extruder. This will ensure that the machine never jams during a print. In addition, the Ultimaker Company has included a stop button. This will allow users to remove a filament and insert another one using their hands. The gear driven filament feed also ensure users can choose different pressure settings. People working with harder materials will find this feature to be quite useful.

Other upgrades released at CES 2016

Another feature that has been upgraded with the new extruder is the ducts for the cooling fan. As a result, people working with PLA filaments are able to cool their prints much faster. This is essential in ensuring they do not become deformed.

This new extruder also retains the interchangeable nozzle feature. This is essential in ensuring one can choose a speed or a refinement with which they are comfortable. Another upgrade that fans of the Ultimaker 3D printers have been yearning for is a dual extruder. However, the company is yet to announce any such plans. Moreover, dual extrusion would simply put the Ultimaker 3d printers light years ahead of the competition.

Wrapping it up

Some community members have already begun to develop their own dual extruders. Ultimaker may notice this design and begin developing some of their own. Ultimaker designs are always designed by feedback from its customers. Although their 3D printers are on the higher end of the price tag, customers know they are paying for quality. Their printers are made for people who consider 3D printing to be more than just a hobby. The latest improvements are a small step towards making 3D printing more efficient. Overall, the possibilities of 3D printers are endless.

iPhones and Wireless Mics Being Used for Professional Filmmaking

Recording quality audio with an iPhone

Many years ago, people that were interested in professional filmmaking usually found it necessary to invest in a lot of rather expensive equipment. Even for those who chose not to attend a professional filmmaking school, it was still necessary to buy a lot of expensive items in order to make home movies. Today, all of that has changed thanks to the iPhone. This has actually put filmmaking into the hands of every individual that possesses an iPhone. It makes it easy to create movies because you can pull out your iPhone and start filming at the drop of a hat. However, the real difference is in the iPhone itself and some of the external equipment that can be purchased to go along with it. It actually allows you to create professional-looking movies without investing a ton of money in the process. For anyone that is interested in filmmaking as a career, or even those that just have a passing interest in creating a few home movies, this can make all the difference in the world.

Smart phone technology is rapidly changing film making

It really wasn’t that long ago that no one would have ever dreamed about iPhones that are used for professional filmmaking. Today, these phones come with so many bells and whistles that not only can you film movies with them, but you can create special effects as well. As such, you can speed the movies up, slow them down or cause them to look different, all while manipulating the sound or creating music as a backdrop. If you have always had a desire to film some type of movie but never thought that you possessed the equipment or the skills necessary to do so, you now have the opportunity to begin experimenting with your own creative side.

Don’t count out the quality of sound

Many new iPhone film making enthusiasts quickly find themselves in a pickle with their first feature. While the camera technology continues to improve the mic technology isn’t. Well it is, but one simply can’t expect the level of audio needed for a quality film from built in omni-directional mics. Eatsuccess talks about how he used a wireless mic system with his iPhone to solve this problem, get rid of wind noise and the proper mic systems to get it done. It’s worth a look. Even the best film won’t do well without good audio.

Every once in awhile, something comes along that truly transforms the way people live. The iPhone has done exactly that. There is no doubt that it will continue to do so in the future and through quality film making with iPhone will continue to grow. For now, the opportunities that are right in the palm of your hand are exciting enough.

New 3d Printing Design Software Released At CES 2016

The use of 3D printing continues to grow in a significant way. In order for this device to work properly, it needs highly sophisticated software. This software allows the user to have control over their creation. The past few years have seen more developers join in on the race to create a niche in 3D printing. The easiest place to start is to create the software.

New Software Unveiled at CES 2016

The CES 2016 has always been a great opportunity for players in the 3D printing industry. It allows them to display the latest developments that are leading the 3D revolution. Moreover, it is an opportunity for companies to unveil their latest inventions. Most importantly, it will allow them exploit the changing faces of technology.

Making 3d printing more accessible

The major downside in 3D printing for beginners had been the software. Initially, most of the software available was exclusive and had to be purchased from the manufacturer. Over time, this has changed, now there are open-source 3D printers that will work with almost any software.

Open source is gaining ground

Some of the latest software on display at CES 2016 was open source. One of this is MatterConrol. Although the software is free, it can be purchased together with their device. However, you have the option to access this software freely on the internet. Another important software released then was the Blender Software. Blender is one of the best software in the world for 3D printing. The level of customization possible with it is overwhelming. It’s often discussed as a great add on in many of the best 3d printer reviews

Software is moving the industry forward

The next frontier for 3D printing appears to be in the software field. If enough people come together and work constructively, they could greatly improve functionality. Some of the latest features in 3D printing software include WIFI connectivity to the printer. There is also the option to save your designs in the cloud. The software for 3D printing has evolved to become more user-friendly.

Tubes Help – alot of people asking for this

All my tubes are zipped for your convenience.
You will need a program like Winzip to unzip them.
You can get it HERE


Basically a tube is a graphic that can only be used in Paint Shop Pro.
It is a transparent graphic and will never have a background to it.
You have the option to just open it in psp and just use it like any other graphic,
or you can export it into psp and use the picture tube tool. Basically what that does
is allow you to select the percentage of size you want. The only tubes I keep
installed though are the ones that I use all the time, the rest I keep tucked away in
folders and just open them and use them in psp.(see below for more info on this)
A tube is saved at 100% quality so you never lose color or clarity.
If you would like more info on how to use tubes, please read here by Jasc…

Jasc Tube Info

There are different ways to deal with tubes.
If you wish to load a tube directly into
your PSP tubes, then when you extract it you
would put it in whatever file you have your PSP program in.
For example…C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Tubes

This may only work with PSP version 7.
It has come to my attention that people using
version 6 are not able to view my tubes this way.
To use my tubes with version 6 please follow the
instructions below and export the tube into PSP6.
The tube will show up when you do it this way.
My apologies for this. I don’t know why it does this. :(

Here is the best way that i’ve found to deal with tubes.
When I download them I have a folder in My Documents
called PSP7 and inside that folder I keep all my downloads
for PSP like tubes, brushes, masks, psp images, etc.
But you can make a folder where ever you want to. :)
When you get alot of these things loaded directly into PSP,
it really slows things down considerably.
But inside this folder I have one for Tubes and inside of that,
I have it broken down by catagory so when I extract a tube,
I put it right in whatever catagory it fits in. Then when I want
to use it, I just open it in PSP and resize, re-color, or whatever
I want, then just paste into the image. One thing to remember though
is if you resize, then you want to go to “image” “sharpen” and sharpen
it to take away the blurriness and bring back your color. The only
tubes I keep directly in PSP are the ones that I use alot, and
the ones that have come with the program. :) Another advantage to this
way is it makes it much quicker to find what you’re looking for.
But however you chose to do it is fine. Just enjoy! :)

To load a tube into PSP from a folder, you need to open your image
with a .psp or .tub extension in PSP. Then click on “File”
then “Export” then “Picture Tube” Since all my tubes are only
one image, all you have to do is enter a name for it in the
Tube Name box and click okay, that’s all there is to it. :)

If there is anything that I didn’t cover here
or that you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate
to email me and ask, i’ll be glad to try and help you out.
I’m by no means an expert, but I am a tubeaholic so i’ve
got lots of experience. LOL