Extruder Upgrade Now Offered by Ultimaker for it’s Line of 3d Printers

New Ultimaker Extrusion Upgrade Kit

The latest extruder upgrades by Ulitmaker were made possible through collaboration with members of the developers’ community. However, the company wanted to ensure that people did not have to purchase a new machine in order to access this latest upgrades. As a result, the upgrades were built in a way that they can be purchased separately. Afterwards, they can be installed on the Ultimaker 2 Extended and Ultimaker 2 machines. This will save buyers money and win more loyalty from the customers.

The New Extruder

The Utimaker2 and Ultimaker2 Extended machines have always had many fans. However, its main issue has always been the extruder. The company asked around the community and finally worked on the upgraded version. The main issue with the extruder in Ultimaker2 has always been jamming and does not work well unless under certain conditions. The company knew they would have to make a total overhaul.

Ultimaker 2 Extended 3d printer

A feature that will now be standard with this extruder is the replaceable nozzle. In addition to that, it will come with the Olsson block, which the company introduced a while back. Thus, customers will be able to choose if they want faster prints or fine prints at a slower pace.

A common problem why prints collapse midway in Ultimaker2 is that the extruder is unable to push out the filament. The extruder will now be geared on the Ultimaker2+ extruder. This will ensure that the machine never jams during a print. In addition, the Ultimaker Company has included a stop button. This will allow users to remove a filament and insert another one using their hands. The gear driven filament feed also ensure users can choose different pressure settings. People working with harder materials will find this feature to be quite useful.

Other upgrades released at CES 2016

Another feature that has been upgraded with the new extruder is the ducts for the cooling fan. As a result, people working with PLA filaments are able to cool their prints much faster. This is essential in ensuring they do not become deformed.

This new extruder also retains the interchangeable nozzle feature. This is essential in ensuring one can choose a speed or a refinement with which they are comfortable. Another upgrade that fans of the Ultimaker 3D printers have been yearning for is a dual extruder. However, the company is yet to announce any such plans. Moreover, dual extrusion would simply put the Ultimaker 3d printers light years ahead of the competition.

Wrapping it up

Some community members have already begun to develop their own dual extruders. Ultimaker may notice this design and begin developing some of their own. Ultimaker designs are always designed by feedback from its customers. Although their 3D printers are on the higher end of the price tag, customers know they are paying for quality. Their printers are made for people who consider 3D printing to be more than just a hobby. The latest improvements are a small step towards making 3D printing more efficient. Overall, the possibilities of 3D printers are endless.