The Cheap Laptop That Runs Off of Solar Electricity

People in the Western world such as the US take things such a reliable electricity supply for granted. However, this can be a real problem in some corners of the world. In all parts of the world, however, especially in the United States, solar power is becoming more and more mainstream. You can now purchase home solar panels and portable rv solar panels just about anywhere (like, and more solar powered products are coming out on a weekly basis.

To cater to a very unique group of tech people, WeWi Telecommunications Inc. came up with the SOL. It is laptop powered primarily by the sun. The laptop runs on the Ubuntu Linux-derived operating system. The laptop does not need to be plugged into a socket for it to work. Instead, it comes with a removable solar panel, which can charge the battery to full capacity in just two hours. After that, it can power the laptop for up to ten hours.

Solar powered laptops have been around for a while now. However, this is the first time that one is promising to be energy efficient. WeWi claims the laptop will never require being plugged into a socket. However, they offer the option in case you need to use it at night. The solar panel can be connected via an extension cable. This means you can leave it outside and still power up your laptop inside the house.

However, this laptop does more than simply use a cheap source of power. It also helps prevent global warming by reducing the emission of Co2 into the atmosphere. The creators estimate users of this laptop could reduce their carbon footprint by a ton. This would be if they never plugged it into a socket over its lifetime.

Solar Powered Laptop Specs

The laptop is built for those who like to travel and for those in far-flung corners of the world. It comes with a 320GB HDD, an Intel Atom D2500 1.8GHz Duo Core processor. In addition, it features the Intel 945GSE chipset. The laptop also features 2-4 GB of DDRIIISDRAM. This will depend entirely on the buyer’s choice. The laptop is optimized for use with Ubuntu. However, the user can install any other type of OS if they so wish.

The laptop also features the GMA3600 graphics card. In addition, it has a 13.3-inch LCD screen. The designers chose this screen because it will not drain power from the battery too fast. The laptop also comes with a 3MP webcam and a mic built internally. The laptop has ports for USB 2.0 devices, HDMI, headphones and others. The device has a number of wireless connection options. For instance, it has options for LTE/3G/4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. People who live in remote places have the option to add a module for satellite communication.

When Will It Hit the Shelves: The Release Date

The company has not given a specific date for when they will release the laptop to the market. The company also plans to release a waterproof option named SOL Marine. They are determined to make it the most accessible solar powered laptop. As a result, they will be distributing the SOL Marine at $400 and SOL at only $350. The company also offers their laptops in a variety of colors. For instance, they will be available in red, gray, black and a bright green.

New 3d Printing Design Software Released At CES 2016

The use of 3D printing continues to grow in a significant way. In order for this device to work properly, it needs highly sophisticated software. This software allows the user to have control over their creation. The past few years have seen more developers join in on the race to create a niche in 3D printing. The easiest place to start is to create the software.

New Software Unveiled at CES 2016

The CES 2016 has always been a great opportunity for players in the 3D printing industry. It allows them to display the latest developments that are leading the 3D revolution. Moreover, it is an opportunity for companies to unveil their latest inventions. Most importantly, it will allow them exploit the changing faces of technology.

Making 3d printing more accessible

The major downside in 3D printing for beginners had been the software. Initially, most of the software available was exclusive and had to be purchased from the manufacturer. Over time, this has changed, now there are open-source 3D printers that will work with almost any software.

Open source is gaining ground

Some of the latest software on display at CES 2016 was open source. One of this is MatterConrol. Although the software is free, it can be purchased together with their device. However, you have the option to access this software freely on the internet. Another important software released then was the Blender Software. Blender is one of the best software in the world for 3D printing. The level of customization possible with it is overwhelming. It’s often discussed as a great add on in many of the best 3d printer reviews

Software is moving the industry forward

The next frontier for 3D printing appears to be in the software field. If enough people come together and work constructively, they could greatly improve functionality. Some of the latest features in 3D printing software include WIFI connectivity to the printer. There is also the option to save your designs in the cloud. The software for 3D printing has evolved to become more user-friendly.