iPhones and Wireless Mics Being Used for Professional Filmmaking

Recording quality audio with an iPhone

Many years ago, people that were interested in professional filmmaking usually found it necessary to invest in a lot of rather expensive equipment. Even for those who chose not to attend a professional filmmaking school, it was still necessary to buy a lot of expensive items in order to make home movies. Today, all of that has changed thanks to the iPhone. This has actually put filmmaking into the hands of every individual that possesses an iPhone. It makes it easy to create movies because you can pull out your iPhone and start filming at the drop of a hat. However, the real difference is in the iPhone itself and some of the external equipment that can be purchased to go along with it. It actually allows you to create professional-looking movies without investing a ton of money in the process. For anyone that is interested in filmmaking as a career, or even those that just have a passing interest in creating a few home movies, this can make all the difference in the world.

Smart phone technology is rapidly changing film making

It really wasn’t that long ago that no one would have ever dreamed about iPhones that are used for professional filmmaking. Today, these phones come with so many bells and whistles that not only can you film movies with them, but you can create special effects as well. As such, you can speed the movies up, slow them down or cause them to look different, all while manipulating the sound or creating music as a backdrop. If you have always had a desire to film some type of movie but never thought that you possessed the equipment or the skills necessary to do so, you now have the opportunity to begin experimenting with your own creative side.

Don’t count out the quality of sound

Many new iPhone film making enthusiasts quickly find themselves in a pickle with their first feature. While the camera technology continues to improve the mic technology isn’t. Well it is, but one simply can’t expect the level of audio needed for a quality film from built in omni-directional mics. Eatsuccess talks about how he used a wireless mic system with his iPhone to solve this problem, get rid of wind noise and the proper mic systems to get it done. It’s worth a look. Even the best film won’t do well without good audio.

Every once in awhile, something comes along that truly transforms the way people live. The iPhone has done exactly that. There is no doubt that it will continue to do so in the future and through quality film making with iPhone will continue to grow. For now, the opportunities that are right in the palm of your hand are exciting enough.