Tubes Help – alot of people asking for this

All my tubes are zipped for your convenience.
You will need a program like Winzip to unzip them.
You can get it HERE


Basically a tube is a graphic that can only be used in Paint Shop Pro.
It is a transparent graphic and will never have a background to it.
You have the option to just open it in psp and just use it like any other graphic,
or you can export it into psp and use the picture tube tool. Basically what that does
is allow you to select the percentage of size you want. The only tubes I keep
installed though are the ones that I use all the time, the rest I keep tucked away in
folders and just open them and use them in psp.(see below for more info on this)
A tube is saved at 100% quality so you never lose color or clarity.
If you would like more info on how to use tubes, please read here by Jasc…

Jasc Tube Info

There are different ways to deal with tubes.
If you wish to load a tube directly into
your PSP tubes, then when you extract it you
would put it in whatever file you have your PSP program in.
For example…C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Tubes

This may only work with PSP version 7.
It has come to my attention that people using
version 6 are not able to view my tubes this way.
To use my tubes with version 6 please follow the
instructions below and export the tube into PSP6.
The tube will show up when you do it this way.
My apologies for this. I don’t know why it does this. :(

Here is the best way that i’ve found to deal with tubes.
When I download them I have a folder in My Documents
called PSP7 and inside that folder I keep all my downloads
for PSP like tubes, brushes, masks, psp images, etc.
But you can make a folder where ever you want to. :)
When you get alot of these things loaded directly into PSP,
it really slows things down considerably.
But inside this folder I have one for Tubes and inside of that,
I have it broken down by catagory so when I extract a tube,
I put it right in whatever catagory it fits in. Then when I want
to use it, I just open it in PSP and resize, re-color, or whatever
I want, then just paste into the image. One thing to remember though
is if you resize, then you want to go to “image” “sharpen” and sharpen
it to take away the blurriness and bring back your color. The only
tubes I keep directly in PSP are the ones that I use alot, and
the ones that have come with the program. :) Another advantage to this
way is it makes it much quicker to find what you’re looking for.
But however you chose to do it is fine. Just enjoy! :)

To load a tube into PSP from a folder, you need to open your image
with a .psp or .tub extension in PSP. Then click on “File”
then “Export” then “Picture Tube” Since all my tubes are only
one image, all you have to do is enter a name for it in the
Tube Name box and click okay, that’s all there is to it. :)

If there is anything that I didn’t cover here
or that you don’t understand, please don’t hesitate
to email me and ask, i’ll be glad to try and help you out.
I’m by no means an expert, but I am a tubeaholic so i’ve
got lots of experience. LOL

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